The gospels tell us a lot about the compassion of Jesus.  Large crowds constantly followed Jesus and not only did he heal the physical bodies of the people who were brought to him, he also cared about their welfare.  On two separate occasions when Jesus fed the 5,000 followed by his feeding of the 4,000 the Bible first tells us that initially the disciples wanted to send the crowds away so that they could feed themselves but Jesus had compassion on the crowds and he performed a miracle for them by blessing the little food that they had, and not only did every one eat, but they had leftovers as well.

Jesus cares about the details of your life.  He not only wants you to be saved, he also wants you to have what you need on a day to day basis.  The miracles in the Bible have one purpose and that is to increase our faith.  Miracles tell us that there is nothing too difficult for God.  Miracles tell us that with faith all things are possible; but we are not to have a relationship with God just for these signs and wonders. God does not need to show us a sign. Christians are to believe that He is and live their lives walking by faith and not by sight.

God is love.  The question is do you love God? If you do, tell him so and be Christ-like and show the love of God to others.  You just might be the only example of love someone needs today