Embrace Change

There are not a lot of things that are for certain in this life, but there is one thing that will continue to happen as long as we are on this earth – change. Changes occur every day, in all things and in many ways, and if you don’t embrace the necessary changes in your own life, you will never experience the benefits that change provides. Many people are stuck in the past. They hang onto past hurts and failures that only hinder them from moving to the next level. The Apostle Paul told us to forget those things that are behind us and to press forward, look ahead, to those things that are before us.

Changes take people out of their comfort zone and some people are unwilling to take the risk of moving forward. Past hurts and failures do not define who you are today. God wants us to learn from our mistakes but not be limited in how we think and live in the future. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life so that we all can live in freedom. Freedom has its price – it will cost someone something. Many brave men and women have paid the ultimate price for the freedom Americans enjoy today and we should not take the freedom we have, either as a US citizen or as a child of God for granted.

Rear view mirrors are small for a reason. They do not over-shadow the large front windshield of our cars. Embrace change; move forward and become the individual that your heavenly Father desires for you.