How to Impress God

In order to live a successful life, the Bible tells us that we should first seek the kingdom of God and then God would add to us everything else we need. Solomon is a good example of this principle. One day God asked Solomon what could He (God) do for him. (2 Chronicles 1:7). Of all the things Solomon could have asked for, he asked for wisdom and knowledge so that he could judge over the nation of Israel. His response so touched the heart of God, that God not only gave him what he asked for, but also gave Solomon great wealth and honor.

Many Christians today are more focused on seeking ways to obtain wealth than they are with developing their relationship with Almighty God. There is nothing wrong in having wealth as long as your wealth does not control you. Money cannot save you; money cannot heal you. Only the blood of Jesus Christ brings salvation and this salvation is available to every one whether you are rich or poor, black or white, male or female, young or old. Money has its place and purpose but it has to be controlled and not be the one thing that controls people. Much can be done for the kingdom of God with money, but God is more concerned with the heart attitude of the giver. As long as God remains the center of your life, God will not withhold blessing you with the desires of your heart.

Have the heart of Solomon and make it a priority in your life that you will do what you can to serve God and His people. This kind of attitude will impress God and cause you to live under an open Heaven and you will also become a role model for others to follow.