Can You Hear Him

Many people miss a blessing because they focus on the messenger and not on the message.  God can use anyone or anything to deliver His word to you, but if you have a pre-conceived idea about a person, you just may be forfeiting God’s best for you.  Jesus experienced this problem.  The Bible tells us that He could not do miracles in his hometown of Nazareth because of unbelief.  The people knew his family and watched him grow up and in their eyes Jesus was just the carpenter’s son.  They didn’t realize that the Son of God was right there in their midst and  missed out on the blessings that they could have had, if they had not become too familiar with Jesus.

Put your faith in the message and not the messenger.  Your spiritual growth will continue and become enriched as you commune with your heavenly Father, when you read His Word, and listen to the messages you hear that line up with Scripture. Keep your spiritual eyes and ears open and always be willing to recognize the truth no matter what form you find it in.