Where Is Your Faith?

The gospels recount the story of Jesus, after experiencing a long day of ministry, tells his disciples to get a boat because he wants to go over to the other side meaning they had to cross over the Sea of Galilee. Jesus decides to go to the back of the boat where he soon falls asleep. The disciples find themselves in the middle of a strong storm with huge waves that cause water to spill over into their boat. The disciples become fearful and they wake up Jesus not understanding how he could sleep with this storm raging. Jesus speaks to the wind and the waves and brings peace and calm to their situation. Jesus then asks the diciples why they were so fearful and where was their faith?

Everyone will go through a storm in their life. No one is exempt. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how bad you are; bad things do happen to good people. Jesus knew that this storm was ahead of them but this did not change anything. The disciples encountered this storm even though they were in God’s will. After all, it was Jesus who told them to get a boat to take them to the other side. This was a test for the disciples, a test of their faith and they failed. The disciples just had to remember who Jesus was and could have stood on their faith in God.

Your journey on earth may not be easy. You will encounter storms, and you might even get wet, but do not fear. You will make it to the other side. Jesus is in your boat with you and He can calm any storm. Sometimes He will allow the storm to rage but will calm you instead. Just remember that He is the creator of heaven and earth. Often, our greatest storms are within us and not around us. So when your boat begins to shake, hold onto Jesus and stand on your faith. He is the only life guard you need!